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Designed and produced in the United States by our own engineers, the Aerocast Single-Fold Portable Wheelchair Ramp was built to hit three important factors that are crucial to anyone looking to purchase a portable wheelchair ramp.

1. Is it strong enough?

Yes! It comfortably supports 750 lbs. and has been rigorously tested by our engineering team to ensure that it met that weight capacity safely every time without comprising the integrity or the visual appearance of the ramp.

2. Is it lightweight?

Yes! Because of the proprietary Alumifoam construction, it is now the lightest folding ramp on the market when compared to other aluminum threshold ramps of the same size.

Comfortable handle sourced for ease of use and premium quality

Being able to comfortably carry this ramp is important, and we prioritized reducing weight without reducing strength. To add to the ease of transporting this ramp, we also tested a variety of handles to find the style that was not only the best quality but offered the greatest comfort when balancing the product in motion.

BrandTitleSKUMax Cap (lb.)L x WWeight (lb.)
Silver Spring w/AerocastSingle-Fold w/Grip TapeACST-47504' x 29"14.5
PVISingle-Fold w/Grip TapeSFW4308004' x 30"20
TitanSingle-Fold3214006004' x 29"21
TitanSingle-Fold w/Grip Tape3214015004' x 29"21
AlumiRampSingle-FoldACR4FN-TC6004' x 29"24
Silver SpringMulti-Fold w/Grip TapeWCMF-46004' x 29.5"24

3. Is it a quality product that will last?

Yes! This is one of the aspects we are most proud of. Because it was designed, tooled, tested and manufactured directly by us right here in the United States, we know that every piece of this ramp – from the hinge to the transitional endcaps.

Quality larger piano hinge for smooth operation with reduced pinch points

Proprietary Aerocast technology with a pending patent

In order to produce a lightweight wheelchair ramp that rivals the strength of any mobility ramp on the market, we had to think outside the box. The result? Aerocast Technology. A patent-pending marriage of proprietary solid expanded foam with a sturdy aluminum shell and high-quality plastic endcaps for a finished look.

Finished high-quality end caps complete the look without adding weight or sharp edges

The result is a product that has no exposed aluminum edges, feels as light as a plastic ramp yet can support individuals in mobility scooters and wheelchairs with a total weight capacity up to 750 lbs.