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Silver Spring 15' Straight Ramp

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Key Features:

  • Install this modular straight ramp for accessible entry to homes or businesses
  • 850 lb. Weight capacity; ADA-compliant design (local ADA requirements vary, review your municipal guidelines)

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Comes with everything you need

Our all-in-one mobility ramp solutions include all of the components for the ramp configuration of your choice. Every ramp section, handrails, platforms, support legs and any additional pieces. That means no extra trips to the hardware store and no online shopping for extra parts.

Lower ramp plate creates smooth ground-to-ramp transition

The extended aluminum plate ensures that wheels move between the ramp and the ground without jarring bumps or jolts.

Extruded aluminum design with non-slip surface

Aluminum stays rust-free over time for a convenient low maintenance solution to your accessibility needs. The extruded surface has grooves that catch moisture and add traction for shoes or wheels.

Hook and tongue-and-groove installation creates stable connection points

When a platform is incorporated into the modular ramp design, simple J-hook and tongue-and-groove attachments make the task of assembling them much easier than having to fuss with packages of bolts and nuts.

Smooth, looped double handrails

Built to be versatile, the double handrails provide a lower bar for wheelchair users to grip if needed, as well as an upper bar for individuals who are walking independently or with a mobility device. At the end of the ramp, the handrail loops around on itself so that anyone sliding their hand along the top rail for support will not come to an abrupt stop or drop-off.

Legs position easily at the exact height you need for a 1:12 slope

The legs are designed to fit snugly into their bracket to set the ramp and/or platform exactly at the height needed for a 1:12 slope. The brackets tighten onto the leg to lock it into place, and the wide base prevents it from sinking into soft ground over time. Please note that legs should never be used to set ramp height higher than advertised, as this will compromise the safety design of the modular ramp and pose a risk of damage or injury.

Made in the USA
Ramp Length:
Ramp Width:
Maximum Capacity:
850 lbs.
More Information

The 15' Straight Ramp comes with everything you need to upgrade the entryway of your home so its accessible for you or your loved ones. This ramp ensures a comfortable gradient whether you're walking, in a wheelchair, and using a cane, scooter or other mobility aid.

Featuring one 8' ramp and one 7' ramp with support stands, this Straight Ramp is designed with mobility in mind. It features a tapered, lower ramp plate for simple ground-to-ramp transition, a comfortable gradient and smooth, looped double handrails with an upper bar for those who are walking and a lower one for wheelchair users.

Featuring lightweight, durable and rustproof aluminum construction, this ramp supports up to 850 pounds. Its non-slip extruded surface has grooves that provide grip and stability for shoes and wheels for complete safety, regardless of the weather. All assembly components are included, and installation is easy with J-hook and tongue-and-groove connections.

  • Install this modular straight ramp for accessible entry to homes or businesses
  • 850 lb. Weight capacity; ADA-compliant design (local ADA requirements vary, review your municipal guidelines)
Usage Guidelines
Please check your local and state laws regarding ADA compliance. Municipal ADA guidelines may vary.

This Mobility Mart product is backed by a 1 year warranty and is guaranteed to be free of defects at time of purchase.

Modular Ramps Sizes and Configurations Instruction Manual
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to