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Modular Wheelchair Ramps

When you need a wheelchair ramp solution that’s tailored to your space, Mobility Mart's modular ramp systems are here to help. Thes all-in-one packages from brand names such as Silver Spring, PVI and EZ ACCESS are designed to create permanent or temporary access in your home or business. Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum, they are low-to-no maintenance and have the ability to be moved or reconfigured easily to meet your changing needs.

Here to Help

If you would like assistance in placing an order, or have questions about our ramps or your specific location, please give you our experienced, friendly team members a call at (888) 651-3431. We would love to help you find the perfect ramp for your needs.

All-in-One Packages

Our modular ramp systems include everything you need to install your ramp, including:

  • Ramps
  • Stairs (if selected)
  • Platform sections (if selected)
  • Handrails (if selected)
  • Hardware and/or connectors

ADA Compliance Requirements

ADA-compliance is required for businesses and optional for private residences. The biggest benefit of following ADA guidelines at your home is that they are intentional set to create an optimal gradient and safest way to create handicap accessibility. Although not comprehensive, here’s a brief overview of some of key requirements:

  • Every one inch of vertical rise requires one foot of ramp length
  • Handrails are required on ramps with a rise of six inches or more
  • Ramps should be a minimum of 36 inches wide to accommodate occupied mobility devices
  • A level landing is necessary at the accessible door so there is room to pause and open or close the door
  • Landings exposed to the elements must be designed to prevent water accumulation to reduce slip hazards