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Fitness Equipment

Life is more fun when everyone is able to participate. With Silver Spring bowling modification accessories on Mobility Mart, individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and young children will be able to enjoy the sport they love with friends and family. If you own a bowling alley, keep several bowling ramps and bowling ball pushers on hand to increase accessibility on your lanes.

Adapting Your Bowling Technique for the Later Years

As we enter our twilight years, staying active is more important than ever. Bowling is a wonderful sport to modify and continue to participate in as you age, as it combines periodic sitting and standing, moving your body to your own ability and exercising your brain as you work on perfecting your bowling technique. If you find that the bowls are weighing more than ever, bowling ramps and pushers allow you to move the balls without as much heavy lifting. Bowling can be done in a wheelchair, or with a walker in tandem with bowling accessories.