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How to Choose between Full Width Portable Wheelchair Ramps and Track Ramps

Mobility Mart carries a wide selection of portable wheelchair ramps of various styles. The purpose of this page is to educate you specifically on the pros and cons of full-width and track-style wheelchair ramps.

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What are Full-Width Portable Wheelchair Ramps?

Full-width portable wheelchair ramps are the most popular style of wheelchair ramps, as they are compatible with nearly all manual wheelchairs, power chairs, and scooters. Full-width ramps are usually around 28"-30" wide depending on the model and manufacturer, although wider bariatric models are available. Many models of full-width wheelchair ramps can fold up and break apart into sections to make them easier to carry.

  • Very stable
  • No width alignment needed
  • Works with a wide range of mobility devices
  • Available in vehicle-friendly and multiple folding designs
  • Around 28" - 30" wide

What are Wheelchair Track Ramps?

Unlike full-width ramps, track ramps come in two sections which are placed parallel to each other, like railroad tracks. This two-piece design makes them lightweight and easier to carry than full-width ramps, but also limits their use to manual wheelchairs. Track ramps from Mobility Mart come in a unique telescoping design to adjust to the length needed.

  • Lightweight for pain-free installation
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Great for side doors or narrow areas
  • Available in a telescoping design
  • Around 6" wide (per track)
Track Ramp Lifestyle
Check our our video on Silver Spring's Wheelchair Track Ramps!

Mobility Device Compatibility

Device Manual Wheelchairs Power Chairs Scooters 3-Wheel Scooters Walkers Walking Bariatric Chairs

Is a Full-Width or Track Ramp better for me?

There are many factors to take into account when considering which type of ramp is best suited for your use. The type of mobility device, ramp surface, and desired level of portability must all be taken into account.

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