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Silver Spring Roll-Tek Modular Ramp Kits

1. Choose Your Ramps
M36-RAMP Silver Spring Roll-Tek Modular Ramp Kits with or without Handrails
Number of Handrails
2. Choose Your Platform(s)
PF-PLATFORM Platforms for Silver Spring Roll-Tek Modular Ramp Kits
3. Choose Accessories
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Choose one handrail, two handrails, or none

The continuous, double handrail design offers support at two levels, ideal for manual wheelchair users and children, as well as older individuals walking up the ramp with limited mobility. These ramps give you a choice in the number of handrails you need. Perhaps you already installed handrails along your entryway, or you know that you will only need support on one side. Designed to accommodate your budget, the choice is yours.

Ramps kits available in 11 sizes from 8 ft. to 30 ft.

Every kit contains all of the components you need to create your ramp setup so that you don’t have to spend time trying to calculate how many legs you need or locating rarely-used tools. It’s as simple as selecting the length you need, from 8 ft. all the way up to 30 ft. When your ramp kit arrives, it will contain the correct number of ramp links, the number of handrails you selected, your ramp leg supports, and the tools for installation.

Ramps install easily into platform brackets

The Roll-Tek ramp-to-platform design saves time on installation so that you can use your ramp sooner. The ramp’s top section fits snugly into a bracket on the side of the platform so that your transition will always be secure.

Adjustable leg design for easier placement and leveling

Each leg features large adjustment handles so that you can raise or lower the leg to the exact height you need, and a wide foot to prevent sinking or shifting on soft ground. Optional leg reinforcement kits add stability in situations where access is needed for rises of 35” of more.

Made in the USA
Ramp Width:
Maximum Capacity:
1,000 lbs.
More Information

The Silver Spring Roll-Tek Modular Ramp Kits are there when you need a modular solution for easier access to your home or business.

Manufactured from anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum, which means the ramps and platforms won't rust, and are lighter than steel for easier assembly. Entire ramp system breaks down for efficient storage or travel, and extra length can be added at any time by ordering extra links. The Roll-Tek platforms install easily to Roll-Tek modular ramp kits to provide a level surface where individuals in wheelchairs, scooters, or those using a walker or other mobility device can safely and comfortably turn 90 degrees. Choose your ramp length, whether or not you require handrails, platforms and reinforced support legs (if rise is 35" or greater).

The quick-connect pins make it easy to split the ramp into shorter sections, connect them together, or break the ramp down for easy storage without tools. The lower approach plate smooths the ground-to-ramp transition, and the upper approach plate is designed to work with the first ramp link to rest on the landing for a safe, stable rise-to-ramp transition. The upper approach plate by itself is not load-bearing and in total requires 12" of landing space. Ramp can be shortened easily if your situation or needs change, for instance if you need to add handrails or make it fit to accommodate a different location.

This Mobility Mart product is backed by a 1 year warranty and is guaranteed to be free of defects at time of purchase.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to